Research Themes

CEPS Research Themes


The Centre for Evidence-based Public Services (CEPS) is a research group in the University of Bristol School of Economics that is dedicated to producing cutting edge research with direct policy impact. With research themes focused on education, environmental issues, health, welfare, and economic data; CEPS’ research addresses a wide range of pressing social issues and presents them in a rigorous and accessible way for a policy audience.


Since 2020 CEPS has also applied its research to the intersections between our main research areas and the Covid-19 pandemic.


The periodical CEPS magazine, Evidence, highlights one theme per month and delivers a focused set of articles on that issue. For instance, the Summer 2021 article of Evidence focused on research around women and gender issues. The issue features articles such as:

  • Christine Valente’s piece on the effects of providing family planning information on rates of contraception use for women in Mozambique.
  • Monica Costa Diaz’s work on the role of lockdown on the gendered division of paid and household labour.
  • A Q&A with Sarah Smith on Discover Economics, a campaign designed to increase diversity among undergraduate economics students.


In addition to this, CEPS publishes blogs by our academics, providing concise summaries of new pieces of academic research in each of our research areas.,